Sweet couscous pancakes with apples and cinnamon

I tell you right away that I didn’t even imagine such an amazing result! My greedy gourmet husband called them the best apple pancakes ever !!
I am very happy with this result because it is really the first time that I try couscous in pancakes, I have used 100% wholemeal Bia couscous, perfect chain for this rustic and deliciously sweet.

Post in collaboration with Bia couscous

In frying you will also discover a particular consistency, you will feel the crispy Bia couscous on the outside and the softness of the apple mixture inside which will explode in your mouth.
Not at all greasy, very light indeed, you can perfume these pancakes to your taste, they are very quick to prepare ideal for a snack on the fly and also for a dessert at the end of the meal, also prepare them and let me know I am curious I will do them again very soon !!

Chicken pancakes

Here I am toned at home, between vacation and work I was absent from my kitchen and consequently also from the blog.
I have only a few days in front of me to tidy up ideas, answer everyone and still put a couple of recipes and then I set off for my annual “mother she-wolf” service, feeding a nice group of children at the scout camp!

Have patience but summer takes us away from our usual patterns of the day, we live more the family and time acquire another dimension, also as you will have understood by now I don’t have the “desire” to write anything just to keep the blog active at all costs.
If I have something to offer you of interesting I proceed otherwise I avoid, I want to be sure to send you only what I like, whether they are recipes, advice, or news, I do not write to have high numbers of visits but to receive you in a simple but rich “home” of ideas and ideas that reflect me.

This is just for those who don’t know me and have just started reading me 😉