boiled meat

Pancakes with boiled meat

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I am going to announce the return of her, the landlady, the rascal who has been out all these days without notifying anyone, but who has cooked, I can guarantee you that she has cooked, indeed more correct to say that she has baked a lot of things, and now she is beautiful here, oops, more than ever ready to leave you still her home, family recipes, in short, the ones that we like so much too, gentlemen … here I am!

I start again with one of the recipes that represent me most because it is one of those clever ideas for using leftover food: boiled pancakes.
In general, I prepare the broth at least once a week this season, the girls and the girls appreciate it very much and solve even last-minute dinners and meals for me.
I do a lot, a lot, I keep it in plastic bottles which I then freeze in order to have it fresh when necessary, but the problem is the same: the leftover meat!
Yes, because after eating the first time, I must say that I struggle to propose it again in purity so once I make the meatballs, other times I repeat it in a pan with garlic oil and rosemary, I learned to do it to the “beat” a Roman preparation with lots of onion and tomato and the latest version is this: the pancakes.

Surprising as simple, I was inspired by the delicious pancakes that my grandmother made with cod, I thought I could replace fish with meat, add a little flavor with dried tomatoes, parsley and parmesan, all tied up with a batter made with milk flour water and instant yeast so I went to work.
How much we liked these boiled pancakes, deliciously crunchy, easy to prepare because it took me 30 minutes and with the help of Elisa at home from school for having made the vaccine we kept the company in the kitchen and we prepared this nice tasty lunch.
The whole family will like an excellent alternative that I am sure, flavor as you like, I find that capers would be fine too, too bad they don’t like me at home!