Chicken pancakes

Here I am toned at home, between vacation and work I was absent from my kitchen and consequently also from the blog.
I have only a few days in front of me to tidy up ideas, answer everyone and still put a couple of recipes and then I set off for my annual “mother she-wolf” service, feeding a nice group of children at the scout camp!

Have patience but summer takes us away from our usual patterns of the day, we live more the family and time acquire another dimension, also as you will have understood by now I don’t have the “desire” to write anything just to keep the blog active at all costs.
If I have something to offer you of interesting I proceed otherwise I avoid, I want to be sure to send you only what I like, whether they are recipes, advice, or news, I do not write to have high numbers of visits but to receive you in a simple but rich “home” of ideas and ideas that reflect me.

This is just for those who don’t know me and have just started reading me 😉

Now I will tell you about this recipe.

When I got home, I realized I had very few food supplies.
A little chicken breast and frozen sandwiches set aside for Laura’s departure, a few eggs, tomatoes and fresh salad, these ingredients refer to a recipe read some time ago and rewritten in a flying note, I try and decide to try it, of course adapting it to my tastes and needs.
Very easy and fast these chicken fritters allow us to increase the portions having little meat available, therefore they give us an excellent yield, they also remain very soft, the chicken cooked in this way is not stringy and we can also eat them cold and the next day, the ideal to prepare even in the evening and to take with us on the road or for a picnic.
We can flavor them as we want, spices, favorite flavors or even change meat, use turkey or pork.
If the marinade is prolonged, it will give even more aromas and softness and if you do like me who uses the still slightly frozen meat, you will cut it into cubes in an instant and it will be even more practical.

We ate them with a little salad, the girls instead used these chicken fritters as a filling for a nice sandwich, they licked their mustaches and this time I took some nice compliments 😉
See you soon and good days!


  • 400/500 g of chicken breast meat (also pork and turkey)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of corn starch
  • 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise (optional but gives aromas and softness)
  • a fresh spring onion
  • salt
  • pepper or other spices to taste


  1. Cut the meat into cubes (if you put them in the freezer a little, it will become firmer and you will do it earlier).
  2. Put it in a bowl, add the eggs, onion, mayonnaise, corn starch, salt, pepper, mix, cover, and refrigerate.
  3. Let flavor at least half an hour, well even in the evening for the morning.
  4. Put a couple of spoons of oil in a non-stick pan, heat well.
  5. Pour the mixture in spoonfuls, if you want the same pancakes, help yourself with a metal ring that you will pull out a few moments after arranging the meat.
  6. Cook in a pan for 2 minutes separately.

You can eat them hot, heat them later, eat them cold or use them with tomatoes and salad to stuff a sandwich.

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