Cooking Hacks

Stir-fried apple pie

Are you ready to learn how to make a phantasmagoric, exceptional, very soft, and easy pan-fried apple pie?
I just tell you that it was a very welcome surprise for me too that I didn’t have much confidence in the result because I was afraid that the apples could get too wet.
So I prepared it simply, without many frills, only with a little lemon peel and a sprinkling of cinnamon, in the case of failure I would not have made so much effort and wasted unnecessary ingredients.
Mamma mia boys what kindness!
You can’t make such good cakes in such a short time because then they are made too often and too easily !!
The result that as you have understood by now has gone beyond my expectations is a soft, fluffy, tasty and delicate cake at the same time, light and delicious also to be eaten hot just “sautéed” from the series that if you want in an hour you will have prepared and perhaps also ate a traditional dessert, homemade and loved by everyone.
See you soon from your “queen of the pans”


  • 1 pan of 28 cm in diameter
  • 4 apples (golden or Frenette)
  • 200 g of 0 or 00 flour
  • 150 g of granulated sugar
  • 50 g of seed oil
  • 50 g of milk
  • 3 eggs
  • Peel and juice of one lemon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoons of instant yeast for cakes
  • Icing sugar (for dusting)
  • 1 knob of butter to butter


  1. Peel the apples and slice them, sprinkle them with a little lemon and flavor with cinnamon.
  2. Grease the pan with a knob of butter, place a few slices of sunburst apple.
  3. In a large bowl, whisk the eggs with the sugar until they become swollen (5/6 minutes)
  4. Add the oil, milk, juice, and lemon peel, add the sifted flour with the yeast, mix well and add the remaining apples.
  5. Pour the mixture over the apples, cover and cook on a medium flame over a crown for about 45 minutes, after the time, turn the cake over with the help of a dish as used for the omelet and leave the bottom to brown for another 5 minutes.

Sweet couscous pancakes with apples and cinnamon

I tell you right away that I didn’t even imagine such an amazing result! My greedy gourmet husband called them the best apple pancakes ever !!
I am very happy with this result because it is really the first time that I try couscous in pancakes, I have used 100% wholemeal Bia couscous, perfect chain for this rustic and deliciously sweet.

Post in collaboration with Bia couscous

In frying you will also discover a particular consistency, you will feel the crispy Bia couscous on the outside and the softness of the apple mixture inside which will explode in your mouth.
Not at all greasy, very light indeed, you can perfume these pancakes to your taste, they are very quick to prepare ideal for a snack on the fly and also for a dessert at the end of the meal, also prepare them and let me know I am curious I will do them again very soon !!

Pancakes with boiled meat

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I am going to announce the return of her, the landlady, the rascal who has been out all these days without notifying anyone, but who has cooked, I can guarantee you that she has cooked, indeed more correct to say that she has baked a lot of things, and now she is beautiful here, oops, more than ever ready to leave you still her home, family recipes, in short, the ones that we like so much too, gentlemen … here I am!

I start again with one of the recipes that represent me most because it is one of those clever ideas for using leftover food: boiled pancakes.
In general, I prepare the broth at least once a week this season, the girls and the girls appreciate it very much and solve even last-minute dinners and meals for me.
I do a lot, a lot, I keep it in plastic bottles which I then freeze in order to have it fresh when necessary, but the problem is the same: the leftover meat!
Yes, because after eating the first time, I must say that I struggle to propose it again in purity so once I make the meatballs, other times I repeat it in a pan with garlic oil and rosemary, I learned to do it to the “beat” a Roman preparation with lots of onion and tomato and the latest version is this: the pancakes.

Surprising as simple, I was inspired by the delicious pancakes that my grandmother made with cod, I thought I could replace fish with meat, add a little flavor with dried tomatoes, parsley and parmesan, all tied up with a batter made with milk flour water and instant yeast so I went to work.
How much we liked these boiled pancakes, deliciously crunchy, easy to prepare because it took me 30 minutes and with the help of Elisa at home from school for having made the vaccine we kept the company in the kitchen and we prepared this nice tasty lunch.
The whole family will like an excellent alternative that I am sure, flavor as you like, I find that capers would be fine too, too bad they don’t like me at home!

Chicken pancakes

Here I am toned at home, between vacation and work I was absent from my kitchen and consequently also from the blog.
I have only a few days in front of me to tidy up ideas, answer everyone and still put a couple of recipes and then I set off for my annual “mother she-wolf” service, feeding a nice group of children at the scout camp!

Have patience but summer takes us away from our usual patterns of the day, we live more the family and time acquire another dimension, also as you will have understood by now I don’t have the “desire” to write anything just to keep the blog active at all costs.
If I have something to offer you of interesting I proceed otherwise I avoid, I want to be sure to send you only what I like, whether they are recipes, advice, or news, I do not write to have high numbers of visits but to receive you in a simple but rich “home” of ideas and ideas that reflect me.

This is just for those who don’t know me and have just started reading me 😉

Chicken Nuggets 2.0, the best!

I can say that I have prepared chicken nuggets in all versions: with vegetables, without, with minced meat, with eggs, with cereals, with breadcrumbs … in short, if you follow me here in the blog and you read me for a while you have some having seen many recipes prepared with the aim of creating good crispy and tasty fried chicken nuggets.

But these are the ones I will do from now on and do you know why?

Because in addition to being good, without eggs, without milk, they are above all very quick to prepare, also perfect for when you return home the last minute and you must prepare a quick, satisfying and very, very pleasant dinner!

Why Using a Steamer is the Best Way to Cook Healthy Food

The main advantage of contemporary steamers is its usefulness in everyday life. You can get your favorite dish within a few hours without bothering yourself with the tedious cooking routine. A steamer is a perfect option for people, who take care of their health and prefer eating healthy, low-fat food instead of junk food. Why is it so? Let’s find out!

Why a Steam Cooker?

A steamer is an absolutely safe device. You don’t need to monitor the cooking process: just put the necessary products, press the button, set the desired time and it’ll do everything by itself. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Moreover, steaming is the easiest way of the heat treatment and it’s got a wide range of benefits for our health:

  • While cooking, all the products not only safe their natural shape, color, and taste, but also retain the greatest part of the nutritious microelements along with the vitamins, contained in the raw products. 
  • Steaming doesn’t require using oils and fats, so water-soluble minerals aren’t lost and the amount of the calories you consume reduces considerably. 
  • The steaming method allows you to cook versatile dishes depending on your tastes and abilities. It doesn’t require much cooking talent and is suitable for different kinds of products, including vegetables, fruits, meats, etc.
  • It’s quite economical and affordable: you don’t have to spend many costs on your meals, besides the steam cooker doesn’t require much energy, so it’s a perfect way to save money. 
  • Steamed food is more juicy and beneficial for your health because evaporating from the hard and chlorinated water, it doesn’t contain metal impurities.
  • Lots of food preserves its natural minerals and vitamins only while steaming.

How Steamed Food Influences Our Health

Even though it’s quite complicated to refrain from fried food and crispy chips, we have to keep in mind that unhealthy eating habits can facilitate the development of various diseases. Regular steamed food consuming strengthens the immune system, improves skin vitality, makes your hair better as well as it generally has a positive effect on human health. Steam nutrition prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases for people over the age of 40. Also, if you often suffer from sleep deprivation, regular stresses, and extreme exercising, the steamed diet will help you to deal with those problems. It’ll provide your organism with the necessary vitamins, so you’ll be able to endure the difficult period of your life without compromising your health. 

The Best Quick-cooking Hacks

If you don’t have enough time to treat yourself with a home-made healthy meal and going to the restaurant is too expensive — don’t be upset, there’s a solution for you. Now you don’t have to spend much time in the kitchen, trying to create a culinary masterpiece. We’re going to share with you a few wise cooking hacks, that will help you to save your time and money.

Three dishes — one solution 

Undoubtedly, your daily diet involves chicken meat, but eating the same dish day after day becomes boring and irritating after a while. To diversify your daily ration, you can cook three different dishes simultaneously! How? Divide your baking sheet into three parts with the foil, put necessary ingredients and enjoy three different dishes at the same time. 

One egg for breakfast is good, but ten — better

Eggs are not only the repository of the proteins and important vitamins but also it’s an integral element of the breakfast for millions of people all around the globe. Generally, you can’t cook more than 5 eggs at once, but here is a solution for you: put the eggs into the baking tins and place them into the oven for 30 minutes. You’ll get a large batch of the hard-boiled eggs. Yummy!